Executive Summary

James E. Mies Jr., Mies & Company, Inc.

James E. Mies Jr., CPA

President, Mies And Company, Inc.

Financial and Managerial Consulting


Mies & Company, Inc.

Twenty-fifth year as President of Mies and Company, Inc., a financial and managerial consulting firm which specializes in assisting owners and management in developing creative and realistic solutions which generate positive long-range financial results
    • Acted as Chief Financial Officer for a number of companies, directing the accounting department, managing cash, handling administrative responsibilities, and serving the company owner as a financial advisor. Assignments involved working with clients on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis
    • Successfully turned around companies who experienced cash, operational and banking problems by establishing goals and then implementing the needed changes to insure positive results
    • Devised customized financial models and cash management spreadsheets in an effort to help owners better understand, manage and then predict their company’s future
    • Worked closely with clients and their bankers to maintain relationships, to increase or avoid decreases in lines of credit, to educate the bankers about the company and to demonstrate that the company had a viable business plan to move forward in trying economic times; has often negotiated significant discounts in situations where the bank wants to end the relationship.
    • Solicited and negotiated with investors and lenders to assist in the turnaround of troubled companies
    • Assisted both buyers and sellers of closely held companies in finding sellers/buyers, managing the due diligence process, assisting with the valuation, and arranging financing when required
    • Served as a Trustee in United States Bankruptcy Court
    • Worked with start up companies, identifying potential investors, preparing financial projections, establishing operating procedures, and guiding the financial affairs
    • Evaluated and restructured a billion-dollar, international organization’s compensation system in conjunction with their Executive Team

Gray Electric Company

Thirteen years experience as Chief Financial Officer and Shareholder of Gray Electric Company, a $20 million contracting company headquartered in Troy, Michigan
    • Completed turnaround work with the company within the first two months of employment, and succeeded in establishing positive cash flow, while solving all I.R.S., bank, and creditors problems
    • Facilitated the growth of a firm that achieved $20 million in sales and a $1.8 million net worth
    • Successfully negotiated the purchase of a subsidiary for less than the value of its assets
    • Developed and implemented a job cost system that gave project managers a timely analysis of their projects
    • Administered all banking, insurance, and bonding needs and managed investments for the corporate pension and profit sharing plans

Doeren Mayhew & Co., P.C.

Five years experience as audit manager in a position of increasing responsibility, with Doeren Mayhew & Co., P.C., a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in Troy, Michigan
    • Supervised and performed audits, provided accounting and tax services for clients; significant clients operated in the manufacturing, construction, insurance, and health care industries
    • Responsible for the firm’s quality and technical review of all financial statements
    • Completed special projects that included negotiating acquisitions, providing expert testimony, and presenting specialty seminars


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Cum Laude, Accounting, 1973 – Western Michigan University
  • Continuing professional education seminars
  • Certified in Michigan as a Certified Public Accountant in 1976
  • Membership in The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants