Financial Services


We can review your federal, state and local taxes. While tax consequences are not always the major force in developing business strategies, all proposed ideas should be analyzed for their tax implications. Insurance coverage should be periodically reviewed to ascertain that protection is adequate and in line with the company’s goals. If bonding is a concern, we can take the necessary steps to work with your agent to obtain the maximum bonding capacity for your firm.


A budget is not just a report demanded by the bank. Instead, it is a tool for you to establish objectives today, based on what was learned from the past, to secure financial success for the future. Once management learns to rely on budgets and cash flow projections, they acquire a focus that allows them to keep operations on track. Remember, it is the process that is important; no one is expected to make a perfect forecast.


If you are experiencing cash flow problems, we will work with all of your creditors. We can instruct your suppliers to direct all calls to us, which frees up valuable time for your employees, and gives your suppliers a new positive contact. This will establish credibility and win their support, all in an effort to buy time while conserving cash. We will work with your suppliers and vendors if you are looking for better pricing and payment terms, or are demanding a higher level of quality and service.


Most firms do not have the luxury of employing a C.P.A. as their Chief Financial Officer. And generally, the owner would much rather focus on marketing and production, not administration. Therefore, we offer these companies the opportunity to employ an external C.F.O. The firm will then get the financial advice and monitoring it needs. This position will fill the management void on a part-time periodic basis, when the owner needs advice, and at a price that the company can afford. We want to make it clear that we do not want to be the company’s outside C.P.A. Instead, as a part-time C.F.O., we will work in conjunction with your C.P.A.


We will establish a plan which projects revenues and expenses, cash receipts and disbursements, and will generate periodic balance sheets. The critical part of cash flow forecasting is dependent upon whether the information compiled is complete and if the projections are realistic. (For example: Based on your current work, how much material and labor are needed for the next six months? Do you have realistic historical data to help predict collections over the next three months?) When in use, a good cash management plan will help conserve and accurately allocate cash in troubled times; and, it will help save money and interest in prosperous times. Remember, input from all departments is necessary if one is to develop an accurate model that will give management a comprehensive look at cash flow.