Managerial Services


Good lines of communication are essential for any successful business. We can give you the needed criteria to help you design a workable organization chart. Keep in mind the focus of this project is not to determine who works for whom (a hierarchy of sorts); instead, it is a plan that reinforces and defines teamwork and explains how the firm's reporting/support system operates. Once everyone understands the structure of the organization, a strategic plan can be developed. STRATEGIC PLANNING We can help you devise a short yet comprehensive strategic plan. Through your management team, a plan for success is mapped by establishing reachable short and long-term goals. Many firms spend countless hours developing a plan that has little effect on the company over the long run. This is because the emphasis of the plan is on the planning.Mies and Company will assist in developing a plan where a major effort is placed on the implementation of the plan. We believe it is crucial for


Mies and Company will help you avoid the major problems that foil most new companies. We will assist with building a financial model to determine that the company can operate profitably, to determine that cash flow and funding assumptions are reasonable, to determine the level of resources required for success and to confirm that your company has access to sufficient capital. We will create a practical business plan, and will also work with your organization to insure that it has the experienced managerial talent it needs to survive and prosper. We will also help you establish an advisory board of informed individuals who will offer additional expertise to help direct the future growth of your company.


A significant part of our role as consultants, in addition to specific projects, is to serve as a resource to the owners and management of clients. Our experience as owners and managers of companies often separates us from the many advisors that learned from a book – we have sat on management's side of the desk, have dealt with banks and creditors, have guaranteed loans and commitments, have terminated long term employees and performed many of tasks involved in "being in the trenches". Our clients understand we tell them what we think, not what they want to hear. They rely on us to discuss issues – in many companies we are the only people with which the owner can discuss sensitive issues, evaluate personnel, determine growth strategies, review acquisition opportunities, etc.


Turnaround work is designed to help companies that are experiencing cash flow problems and operational losses. Through a series of steps we assist management in addressing costs and processes. Based on changes implemented, we can provide the company with a financial plan, which involves increased profits and improved cash flow, that can be shared with the bank and the company's creditors. The objective of this plan is to see that the company emerges from financial difficulty as a stronger business capable of generating growth and profitability. If need be, we will continue to monitor the company's progress on a regular schedule. This is another situation where an advisory board can offer additional expertise to help direct the future of your company.