Mies & Company, Inc.

24+ years of consulting experience in the Detroit Metro area

Mies and Company, Inc. is a financial and managerial consulting firm located in southeast Michigan and serving the Detroit metro area for more than 24 years. With over 40 years in top level management, few understand the industry as well as, understand the current operating environment better than, or have forged the quantity and quality of relationships that Mies and Company President Jim Mies has when it comes to the contracting and trucking industries. While Mies and Company is not limited to construction and trucking companies, they have found a niche serving such companies with annual revenues below $50 million annually. Companies of this size are often family run, and Mies & Company enjoys forming close working relationships with its clients. Because of their excellent reputation and their close working relationships with others in the industry, Mies and Company is at an advantage when it comes to negotiating with vendors and lenders alike.