Financial Services

  • Managing Cash
  • Outside Chief Financial Officer
  • Working With Suppliers And Vendors
  • Creating And Using Budgets
  • Taxes And Insurance

Banking & Lender Services

  • What Clients Should Expect From Their Banks
  • What Bankers Need And Expect From Their Clients
  • The Two Major Factors That Affect The Outcome Of A Loan Request
  • How A Bank Defines A Good Client Relationship
  • Working With The Special Assets (workout) Department
  • Alternate Financing Sources

Additional Services

  • Due Diligence
  • Assisting Bonding Companies With Evaluation Of Construction Project Issues
  • Company Liquidations

Managerial Services

  • Turnaround Work
  • Management Counsel
  • Business Start Up
  • Building An Effective Organizational Structure

Commercial Finance