Good lines of communication are essential for any successful business. We can give you the needed criteria to help you design a workable organization chart. Keep in mind the focus of this project is not to determine who works for whom (a hierarchy of sorts); instead, it is a plan that reinforces and defines teamwork and explains how the firm’s reporting/support system operates. Once everyone understands the structure of the organization, a strategic plan can be developed.


    We can help you devise a short yet comprehensive strategic plan. Through your management team, a plan for success is mapped by establishing reachable short and long-term goals. Many firms spend countless hours developing a plan that has little effect on the company over the long run. This is because the emphasis of the plan is on the planning.

    Mies and Company will assist in developing a plan where a major effort is placed on the implementation of the plan. We believe it is crucial for firms to realize that good strategic planning becomes an ongoing process where goals are established, and plans are implemented so these goals will be attained.


    With the help of your staff, we will write job descriptions for your firm. We believe that the objective of this task is to establish accountability. Once job descriptions are completed, a company handbook, which should include a compensation system, can be created. At this point, employee reviews have a new sense of purpose because employees can be rewarded based on their defined responsibilities. Through the use of incentives, management can also help and encourage employees to set realistic goals. Once a system for accountability is in place, an organizational plan can be established.